The Top Rated Air Beds You Can Buy Online

Top Rated Air Mattress

Air mattresses have come a long way since the times when we used them just as spare, occasional beds. They are still mostly destined to be used by guests, but modern designs are improved and support modern technologies to make sleeping a lot better.

Not to mention that they are light, support portability, and can be easily stored away until you need them. But, the biggest advantage is in the price – with the cost of a single night in a hotel room, you can provide your guests with countless amazing nights in your home. The cool part is that they will be so comfy and well-supported that you’ll start getting visits a lot more often than before you got the mattress.

However, given the plethora of designs available on the market, it may get a bit confusing to choose the right type of air mattress. After all, there are several factors to consider if you want to be a good host. Below I listed some of the most important factors, just to give you a head start in the process of searching for the best air mattress.

Consider your Guests

What types of people do usually visit you? If you’re usually hosting young people, then you can choose a basic air mattress that sits low on the floor. However, if your guests are more mature and like fancy stuff, I recommend choosing a deluxe mattress that offers the ‘real bed’ experience.  These are usually thicker and come with a wide range of features so your guests will definitely be impressed

Get the Right Size

The cool thing with air mattresses is that you don’t have to worry about the firmness – you can deflate it to make it softer or pump more air to make it firmer. However, the size is important as you have to consider storage possibilities, the room you have available, and the number of people that will be sleeping on it at a time. For example, you can get a king or queen size airbed.

Top Air Mattresses For Everyday Use or Not

Air Bed for Guests

It may seem odd, but many people like the air mattress for everyday use. The reason behind this decision is the back pain relief it offers – because you are basically sleeping on air, there are no pressure points and the back will be properly supported.

However, an air bed that is going to be used every day will be different from a mattress designed for guests. That’s why, if you really want to buy the best air mattress as your permanent bed, you should consider the materials used to build the mattress, the durability, and the air retention. The air retention is important because some mattresses tend to lose air after a few nights of use and this changes your bed structure without you even realizing.

Also, you should choose a mattress with a frame or include the mattress in an existing bed frame. If the mattress sits on the floor, the air inside will get colder during the night and you’ll wake up shivering.

Overall, if you buy the right design, an air mattress can be used as a permanent bed as it has the right features for a comfortable sleep.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Make the Purchase


Now, regardless of the fact that you’re looking for an air bed for guests or you want one for yourself, there are some features you should consider. So, besides the price and level of comfort, you should know about the type, the options available for setting the bed up in various conditions and reading air mattress reviews as well.

To help you move on with the purchasing process, I described each of these features below so take a look and check the ones that fit your needs.

Best Air Mattress (Types)

The basic idea with an air mattress is that the air is pumped through a valve, into a completely sealed cover until the mattress reaches the desired firmness. Once you get it just right, the valve is shut and you can use the air inside for back support while you’re sleeping.

I honestly think that sleeping on an air mattress is the real-life equivalent of sleeping on a cloud. After all, the surface is smooth and can be as soft as you want. But, according to the design, there are several available types such as:

  • With or without built-in pump (the pump can be sold separately)
  • With manual or battery pump
  • Self-inflating and deflating or inflates using a pump
  • With frame included or just the mattress

Each type makes your job easier, but if you want one to use as a permanent bed, I recommend getting a high-capacity, thick design with a frame.

Grading Comfort and Thickness

When it comes to comfort, you have to consider the thickness of the mattress and the type of support it offers. Also, the surface is just as important since you’ll be sleeping on it.

So, a thick, well-designed air bed will offer great comfort as long as the valve doesn’t let any air through the night. Some mattresses (usually the ones with a pump incorporated) keep adding air through the night so you won’t lose firmness.

If you don’t have problems getting out of bed and into bed at floor level, you can forget about the frame, but it’s best to get a thick mattress to compensate for the low level. There are plenty of designs out there that have a cellular structure to support a tall bed without reducing any of the comfort.

The basic rule is: the thicker the inflatable mattress, the more comfortable it should be (provided it supports the correct inner structure).

Setting Up the Best Inflatable Mattress

The setting up is a reference to both the inflating and the deflating process. If you don’t want to spend hours working the pump to inflate the mattress, I recommend getting one with an integrated pump and self-inflate feature. Those are usually the best inflatable beds that save you time. You just have to roll it out and the mattress will inflate in a matter of minutes to the desired settings.

Of course, there are beds that self-deflate as well so having both features will make setting up a lot easier. If you choose to add a frame, check the size of the mattress first – you don’t want to pair the wrong frame with the wrong mattress. It’s also important to secure the mattress on the frame as air beds tend to be slippery on their back.

How Much to Spend on (Best Air Bed)

Most people don’t really know how much to spend on a best blow up mattress which is why it’s important to make an idea before you go shopping and reading air bed reviews online. Now, depending on what you want from your mattress, here’s how much you should spend:

  • About $150 – $250 – a high-quality mattress, with high profile, and inner air coils for increased durability. You should also get an integrated pump so the mattress should inflate and deflate on its own. These are usually heavier designs that can be used as permanent beds.
  • $50 – $100 – a good mattress that works for most guests, low height profile, lightweight, and with/without an integrated This type is quite durable and can be found in twin and queen sizes.
  • Under $50 – nothing I would recommend for yourself or guests, but you can use them to offer children a space to play during the day.

Overall, an air mattress won’t be too expensive and it will save you a lot of hassle when it comes to guests.

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