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Have you ever imagined that there would be a time when you can purchase a mattress in a box? Well, if you the thought didn’t cross your mind yet, it’s time to let the news sink in – yes, you can now purchase an entire bed in a rectangular, tall box.

This means that you no longer have to measure the door frames, the halls, the stairs, and the entire route the mattress needs to take in order to reach your bedroom. Even more, if you decide to buy it locally, you don’t have to rent a truck or worry that the delivery company’s truck won’t fit on your lawn. The era of huge, difficult to maneuver mattresses has passed!

But what exactly do you get in the box, and is it enough to make up for a bed? Well, first you should know that no, we’re not talking about an airbed or anything inflatable. In the box, you’ll find an actual mattress (usually memory foam), that is packed using a special technique that compresses its size and volume so it fits in a tiny box.

Even more, the technique used doesn’t influence the performance of the mattress in any way. Actually, some mattresses come with advanced technology integrated into the foam and the compression doesn’t damage it or causes any malfunctions. The foam is just neatly packed so it will be less of an inconvenience during transportation.

The main downside when you buy a mattress in a box is that you can’t go in the store and lie on it, to test how it feels. However, considering the fact that most such products are sold online, you wouldn’t have this possibility anyway. If you feel you have to go and test it it’s enough to search for the model you want (or something similar in features) in local stores. Once you find it, go for a test and see if the mattress will be a good fit for your needs.

On the plus side, this technique gets rid of pushy salespeople and completely changes the shopping experience. After all, not everyone enjoys going to a store where lots of mattresses are exposed for your testing. It’s enough to do your research and read other people’s opinion to know if a mattress is good enough for your needs. Once you find what you’re looking for, it’s just as simple as clicking the Order Now button and the mattress will arrive at your door.

Tips on Buying a Bed in a Box

Mattress in a box reviews

Yes, you need some guidance when it comes to buying a box with your future bed! The technology is quite new and, even if the shopping experience is one of the most pleasant in the world, there are some aspects to consider.

Features like materials, the company you want to use, and time of delivery are important if you want to continue having a pleasant experience. After all, it would be a shame to have a lot of fun ordering the mattress and then wait forever to arrive, right?

Also, one of the best times you’ll have with a box mattress is while unwrapping. It’s like a magic trick where you get the foam out and watch it expand and transform into a real sleeping surface. It doesn’t take long for the mattress to expand (in most cases), so when it’s done, you may feel the urge to do it again. However, not all boxed mattresses react the same, and it’s very important to choose wisely when you decide on the type, design, and structure.

So, below you can read about the main features to consider when you’re shopping for such a bed. By the end of this article, you’ll have a strong set of pointers that need to be followed in order to get all the fun from this experience.

#1: Return Policy

Think about it: you will get a box that is easy to maneuver and toss around. However, after you unwrap it, it will become a fully grown mattress, that takes space and it’s not as easy to manage. What is going to happen if you have to return it? And, no, you can’t pack it back up and put it in the box!

Now, you have a big mattress on your hands that needs to be sent back. To make the process easier, I recommend you take a good look at the return policy before you make the purchase. Regardless of the fact that you buy it online or from a store, the company must agree to send a truck that will pick the mattress from your home. This way you avoid the preparation for shipping phase, which is a real pain if falls on you. However, you may be charged the return fee, even if the company sends a truck that will collect the product without preparation.

This is only one of the reasons why you have to be very careful with the return policy. Another reason is the refund policy. This established what you’ll get in return: money or store credit. I don’t recommend choosing a company that only offers store credit, as you may be so disappointed in their product or their behavior that you may not want to buy from them anymore.

You should also inquire about the trial period – this is the time you have to test the mattress and return it if you don’t feel comfortable with it. Most online stores offer up to 100 days of trial period and they will allow you to test several products before you decide, but not all companies are that generous. That’s why it is highly important to confirm this aspect before you make the purchase.

Finally, pay attention to the return conditions. Of course, most stores and retailers won’t take back a mattress that has been dirtied or looks used (if it was purchased as new). For this, most companies will require clients to use a bed protector while they test the mattress, and only remove it when they know for sure the bed will stay with them. I recommend following this request as it’s important to meet these conditions for a successful return.

Overall, while the return process may seem like a bit of a hassle, if you read the conditions and requests carefully, you can make it a more pleasant experience.

#2: Review the Materials

Before we start a discussion on the best materials, you should know that the concept of a mattress in a box is quite new. It actually came as a response to a need for convenient solutions when it comes to the hassle of changing the mattress. After all, who wants to go through all the furniture moving, the measuring, and the testing that a traditional mattress implies?

Now that you know how the concept showed up, I think we can discuss materials. First, as you can imagine, most mattresses in a box feature modern materials, but the most predominant one is the memory foam. This type of material is easy to compress, roll, and pack without damaging the structure or its features.

Due to new technologies and new materials, there are two other materials you can choose from (besides the memory foam) when it comes to a bed in a box and below you’ll learn about each of them.


While it may look more rigid than memory foam, a latex mattress is just as flexible and can be packed in a box. However, it may take longer for the mattress to expand, because this type of foam is a bit harder. Just make sure to read the instructions so you’ll understand how to unbox it the correct way.

Overall, a latex mattress is a great choice if you want a firm surface, naturally buoyant, and hypoallergenic (in the case of mattresses made from 100% organic latex). I like this type of mattress because it doesn’t hug you (like a memory foam surface) and it’s great for people who need support for their back.

Memory Foam

This is the go-to material for this type of beds, but you must consider the density and the firmness. The density is especially important for durability while the firmness is decided by the type of surface you want. With memory foam, you can choose between mildly soft and plush, but I strongly recommend testing these surfaces before settling on a permanent option. After all, this will be your mattress for at least 10 years from now.

With memory foam, the main concern is set on the hugging sensation – according to users everywhere, if the surface is too soft and the response time is high, you’ll end up feeling like you’re trapped in quicksand. And this is not a sensation you want when you’re trying to relax!

Now, before I talk about the third type of material, you should know that, because some producers tend to use lots of chemicals with foam mattresses, there is a certification you can follow. For instance, if the mattress is CertiPUR-US (for foam) or Oeko-Tex (for materials) you are safe to buy it.


I bet you never imagined that you could fit an innerspring in a box, right? Well, this is not exactly a real innerspring mattress, but a hybrid made of gel memory foam and individually wrapped coils for extra support.

#3: Delivery Time

How long are you willing to wait for your mattress to be delivered? If you buy it from a brick and mortar store, the standard time is up to two weeks, but if you buy it online, the delivery time could be longer. This time depends on the number of customers they have (if they are very busy), the location of their storage in regards to your location, and the time it takes to prepare the mattress for shipping.

However, if you buy a bed in a box, the delivery time shouldn’t be that long. Given the fact that you place the order online, the mattress should reach your doorstep in a few days. This happens because the process is simple: once the company has your order confirmation, all they have to do is roll the mattress up, put it in a vacuum sealed bag, pack it, and ship it.

Because the mattress is about the size of a regular parcel, it doesn’t need special handling, and you don’t have to be home when they deliver it. You can simply come home one day and your new mattress will be waiting for you.

Still, you should know that, because the concept is so popular, there are companies that have a waiting list for delivery. Even more, some designs may not be available by the time you decide so you’ll have to wait for them to resupply.

#4: Budget Friendly

The idea behind the bed in a box concept is convenience. And, if we consider the fact that most people who buy this type of mattress are Millennials, you understand why the price must also be in the budget-friendly category.

Since most mattresses that come in a box are sold online, you don’t have to deal with salespeople who try to score a fat commission. Even more, because the company selling the mattresses doesn’t have to rent a showroom and pay extra employees, the prices should be lower than in a brick and mortar store. And they usually are!

If in a regular store, you would pay about $3,000 for a medium to good mattress, in an online store, the same mattress should be half the price. Even more, if you think about the materials and technologies used, you’ll see that there is no reason to break the bank for a great sleeping surface.

So, my recommendation is to do your research and make sure you choose a product that fits your needs, from a budget point of view. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should choose the cheapest mattress on the market. Features like density and firmness are still important, but you can find high-quality surfaces at an acceptable price.

Why Not Buy a Cheap Mattress?


Even if the mattress comes in a box, it doesn’t mean that it should be too low below the market value. If the price is too low, you risk buying foam with a high level of chemicals (no CertiPUR-US certification) or foam with low-density levels. Neither of these options will make for a great surface and you will waste the money on a flimsy mattress that doesn’t offer any back support.

#5: Reasons for buying a mattress in a box

There are plenty of reasons for buying a new mattress, but if you still have doubts about getting one that comes in a box, below I listed some reasons that may help you decide.


The number 1 reason remains the level of convenience this product offers. Besides the fact that it’s easy to transport and carry to your bedroom, it’s also easy to install and only takes a few minutes to expand. It also removes the unpleasant experience one might have when dealing with a salesperson that would do anything to sell the most expensive design regardless of your needs.

 The materials

Given the technique used to pack these mattresses, you know most of them support a foam-based material (latex, gel, or viscoelastic). These are modern materials that come with a whole bunch of new features that don’t compare with the traditional innerspring mattress.

The sleeping position

It is a proven fact that most people are side sleepers. This is a comfortable position, but only with the right mattress; otherwise, the body and the sleeping surface create pressure points that, in time, lead to back problems and pain.

The best mattress for people who sleep on their side is one with foam as the main back support material. The foam (latex, gel or viscoelastic) adapts to the shape of your body and allows for pressure formed during the day to be released.

However, if you have lower back pain and tension in the neck and shoulders, the memory foam is the most recommended sleeping surface by specialists. This is because it is a lot more flexible than any other foam and, as it gets warm, it becomes softer allowing the body to sink in. This feature keeps your spine perfectly aligned and relieves any pressure that may be lingering between the spinal discs.

Back Pain

Did you know that most mattresses in hospitals and other types of treatment facilities are designed with memory or latex foam? This type of material is favored because it comes with some unique features (as discussed above). Still, it’s not just for people who sleep on the side – it’s also a great way to get rid of those back pain issues and the main feature that makes the difference is firmness.

A mattress that is just right in terms of firmness will help keep that spine well-aligned and it won’t allow your bones to sink in more than necessary. Even more, a foam mattress will go great with an adjustable bed and it won’t lose shape as the bed changes positions.

Great Prices

Have you ever entered a brick and mortar mattress store? If yes, then you know the prices are a bit steep for regular Joe’s pocket. However, if you go online, you’ll notice a pretty big price difference (especially if you buy a mattress in a box or just a topper). This happens because stores must support employees, storage facilities, and showrooms while an online store is less complicated and performs better.

Even more, because mattresses in a box occupy a small space, the transport is cheaper and this is reflected in the final price.

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