Purple Vs. Puffy Bed – Which is Right for You?

Puffy Vs Purple Compared and Tested

If you’re currently in the market for a mattress, you’ll want to consider your options carefully. The one you select can have an impact on your sleep, and the quality of your snooze influences the quality of your life. Both the Puffy and the Purple are fantastic options. Keep reading if you’re trying to decide which one you should buy.

Reviewing the Construction of Puffy and Purple


Many popular brands consist of a single layer. People often purchase pads so that they can add another layer. For this bed an additional layer isn’t actually necessary. It already has a patented layered design.

The top layer is the cooling layer; it’s about 4 inches thick. The bottom layer is the 6″ firm core support layer. This layer is the base, and it provides plenty of support.


If two layers aren’t enough for you, this brand might be more to your liking. It has a whopping three layers. The first layer is two inches thick; it consists of a hyper-elastic polymer. The second and third layers are both made from polyurethane foam.

The top layer helps to define the bed. It keeps it bouncy and helps to keep it cool. However, the other two layers help to make it supportive. Also comes with a soft and breathable cover.

Can They Sleep Two People Comfortably?


It’s easy to find a comfortable mattress for one person. It’s a lot harder to find one that can sleep two people comfortably. Not everyone needs the same things. If one person is significantly heavier or larger than the other person in the bed, it might be challenging for the other person to get a good night’s sleep.

These brands can both sleep two people comfortably. Even if the people sleeping have different needs, they both will be able to meet both of those needs. Whether a person is looking for a soft or a firm one, they’ll be able to get what they need. Motion-transfer shouldn’t be an issue.

If you’re looking for a standard bed, you might not be happy with the Purple. Although it is very comfortable to sleep on, it’s also very unusual. It’s unlike any other brands that are on the market right now.

Most brands on the market right now fall into one of a few categories. The majority of them use memory foam, springs, or latex. However, this brand doesn’t use any of these materials. If conventional ones aren’t working for you, a unique one like this could be a great fit.

Let’s Compare the Firmness

Both of them provide plenty of support. With that said, one of these brands is a little bit firmer than the other. The Puffy is the firmer of the two.

Still, the Purple isn’t overly soft. It’s ranked at about a 7 on the firmness scale, which means it’s still significantly firmer than a lot of other brands out there. Even though one mattress is a little bit firmer than the other, both are quite sturdy.

If you already have bedding, you’ll want to check to make sure your sheets will work with your mattress. While most sheets can be used with the Puffy, the Purple works better when it’s paired with stretchy sheets.

Sheets that are overly stiff might not be able to fit over the Purple. If you’re going to buy it, you might have to switch over to a new set of sheets.

Where Can You Buy Them?

If you’re planning on picking up one of these companies, you won’t be able to head to the local store. You can’t buy these at brick and mortar stores; you can only order them online.

Because they are sold online, you won’t have the chance to test them before you purchase them. With that said, both can be returned if they’re not to your liking. You shouldn’t let the online ordering system keep you from giving one of these high-quality beds a try.

Trial Period

Comparing Trial

If you’re trying to figure out whether or not a mattress is a good fit for you, you’re going to want to test it out for a while. After you’ve been sleeping on a one for a few weeks, you’ll see whether or not it is improving your rest sessions.

The Purple offers a 100-day trial, and the Puffy has a 101-day trial. This is more than enough time to try them out. If you decide you’re unhappy with them at the end of the trial, you can return them without any consequences.


This is a big investment. No one wants to buy a mattress that will fall apart after a few months of use. Thankfully, both of these companies come with impressive warranties.

The warranty for the Purple lasts for 10 years. If you have an issue with it during this time, that problem will be dealt with.

The Puffy offers a lifetime warranty. It is designed to last a lifetime. Once you buy it, you’ll never have to buy another one again.

Excellent Ratings

If you’re on the fence about a mattress, you’ll want to see what other people have to say about the product. You should read feedback so that you can see if people are satisfied with the bed you’re considering.

If you read the ratings for either the Puffy or the Purple, you’ll see plenty of positive feedback. Most of the people that choose to purchase these are thrilled with their decision.

All the positive ones are a great sign. If you’re worried about your purchase, you should try looking at some reviews first. Looking at reviews might help you to relax.

Extensive Testing

Analysis of Both

It isn’t easy to create a comfortable, supportive, and affordable mattress. That’s why both of these companies tested them extensively before they hit the market. The Puffy went through more than 4 years of testing, and the Purple was tested extensively as well.

Since they were tested thoroughly, you shouldn’t have any problems with them. Cheap mattresses that aren’t tested are prone to problems, but both of these work very well. These are some of the finest ones that your money can buy.

Comparing the Price

A lot of comfortable mattresses come with an extremely high price tag. If you want to upgrade, but also want to stay within the confines of your budget, both are terrific options.

These companies are far more affordable than other first-rate beds. If your assumption is that you can’t afford a quality one, you should check out both of these. There’s a very good chance that one or both of these have a price tag that you can afford.

Designed To Keep You Cool

Memory foam can conform to your body, but that comfort comes at a price. A lot of foam bed brands tend to run hot. They can be difficult to sleep on during the warmer months of the year.

If you’re looking for a sleeping surface that will keep you cool, you should be satisfied with either the Purple or the Puffy. Both are designed to promote coolness.

The Puffy Sleep System has a cooling layer that keeps the surface from running too hot. The Purple isn’t made from foam, and both tend to run cool.


Both of these companies have received a number of awards. They have competed with some of the other brands on the market, and they’ve come out on top.

If you’re hoping to buy an award-winning bed, either of these is a good choice. These both are recognized for their excellence. Competition for these kinds of awards can be quite intense. These awards aren’t easy to earn, and the fact that both of these have won awards means a lot.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to buy either or. No matter what you wind up choosing, you’ll be happy if you select one of these products. Take the time to compare these products so that you can find something you’ll love.

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