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Purple is a mattress brand and stands for the best bed in the world. It is the perfect combination between firm and soft mattresses without the problems each of these surfaces usually feature. As a concept, Purple started being developed in 2013 but it only reached the market as a finished product in 2016. This happened because the Pearce Brothers (the two people behind this technology) wanted to make sure their mattress is both comfortable and affordable.

The adventure that led to the creation of Purple mattress started in 1989 when two brothers, Tony and Terry decided to unite their forces and experience and improve the world of cushioning. Between Tony’s thirteen years of aerospace materials experience and Terry’s twenty years in manufacturing, project management, and design, the world of sporting goods and wheelchairs became a lot better.

In time, they created and patented new technologies that are now being used for comfortable hospital beds, neonatal care, footwear (Nike uses their technology), foot and ankle braces and more. Once they understood the world needs more comfort, they decided that the mattress industry was in dire need of a new type of mattress.

So, they used their knowledge and patents in order to create a better sleeping surface (you can tell that by reading from some of the Purple bed reviews). This new product would have to accommodate your pressure points while also offering perfect support for your back. It would also have to be affordable as not everyone can manage to buy a $5,000 bed. Since its release, Purple is one of the fastest growing brands and from reading some of the Purple mattress reviews you can easily tell why. The company used an ingenious marketing strategy where Goldilocks is making the introductions with the mattress that feels just right and convinces people of its quality using the so-called ‘Raw Egg Test’. Paired with the amazing quality, the marketing campaign was a huge success and nowadays everyone wants to try a Purple.

What You Need To Know About Purple Bed

Purple Promo Code + Reviews

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Now that you have a general idea of what Purple is and how they came to be, it’s time to get to know the company, the service they provide, Purple mattress price and the Purple mattress coupon codes they offer.

How is Their Customer Service

Purple representatives are friendly and polite, and they will try to help customers and interested buyers as quickly as possible. Still, to make sure everyone’s needs are heard, on their Contact page, you’ll find a list of FAQ questions. These are extremely helpful, so make sure to browse them before contacting the support team.

If you really want to get in touch with the team, there are three channels of communication: chat, email, and phone. Each of these channels is open during the day, but you must check their schedule on the site as it is not a full-time service.

If you want to test the product before buying, they have one showroom in Alpine, Utah. However, the 100-days trial is more than enough to test the mattress, ask for a full refund if you’re not happy with the product or the best thing to do is to read Purple mattress reviews online and see what other people have to say about them.

What are the Purple Sizes

Since we’re only talking about one mattress model, there’s no need to waste time with researching information about firmness, back support, and other features. You read once and you know you like it or not. Next, the only thing you need to choose is the size and Purple only supports five sizes out of the 7 standard ones.

Twin XL

This is the mattress you want to get for a child or a teenager because it saves up space but also offers enough room to feel cozy and comfy. The dimensions of this product are 38 inches (width) x 80 inches (length) x 9.5 inches (thickness) and it weighs 70 lbs. When it is shipped, you’ll get a rolled up package with the dimensions of 38 inches tall and 16 inches in diameter.


Better suited for a fully-grown adult person, the full mattress can also be used by a couple who likes snuggling together in a smaller space. The mattress measures 54 inches (width) x 75 inches (length) x 9.5 inches (thickness) and it weighs 81 lbs. The package will be 60 inches tall and 16 inches in diameter.


This is the size most Americans prefer because it offers plenty of space for a single person and a couple. If you like feeling like a starfish and sleeping in the middle of the bed, the queen is the perfect mattress for you. On the other side, if you and your partner want to have options (cuddling vs. space), again this is a perfect choice.

The mattress measures 60 inches (width) x 80 inches (length) x 9.5 inches (thickness) and it weighs 110 lbs. The package will be 60 inches tall and 16 inches in diameter.


We’re finally getting to the big league. The king size mattress is amazing for space and comfort so don’t hesitate to choose it if you both want to have enough space to be comfortable. At 75.5 inches (width) x 79.5 inches (length) x 9.5 inches (thickness) and 140 lbs, this mattress will satisfy your wildest dreams. The package will be 76 inches tall and 16 inches in diameter

California King

The ultimate mattress size is 72 inches (width) x 84 inches (length) x 9.5 inches (thickness) and it weighs 140 lbs. The package will be 76 inches tall and 16 inches in diameter so you may need a bit of help to get it inside.

Does Purple Provide Warranty?

Like any brand that respects its product and customers, Purple provides an amazing warranty. They offer 10 years of limited warranty that covers the mattress if it has been used for the intended purpose and following the producer’s specifications.

Even more, the warranty is only valid for the original buyer so, if you want to re-sell it (new or used), the warranty will be voided. To prove you are the original owner, you are required to keep the warranty document and the law tags from the mattress for the entire 10 years period. Also, the warranty specifies that the only product covered is the mattress, without any accessories or associated products.

However, the 100-days trial period should be enough for you to test the mattress and make sure it is durable and comfortable enough for your needs. If you want to return it, a full refund it is guaranteed as long as the mattress respects the return rules.

Purple Delivery

The delivery process is fast and painless for the customer and, if you shop online, Purple will support the costs. However, if you place your order in their showroom, you will pay the transportation fee. This way, the company encourages online shopping, which is a better, more productive way to search and find your new bed.

If you decide Purple is not for you, they will come and pick up the mattress without any additional costs. This means you don’t have to worry about preparing the mattress for shipping either, which is a huge relief if you consider the involved effort and time.

The mattress is delivered in a tightly rolled, purple package and it is delivered to your door by the delivery company. From there, all you have to do is get it inside, unroll it, and wait for the mattress to expand at its correct size.

Purple Promo Code

Unfortunately, I have not received a Purple coupon code yet but as soon as I’ll this section will be updated. I’ll do our best to get you the best Purple mattress coupon code so that you can save a lot while shopping on their website.

Few Things to Look Out for When Reading Bed Reviews

Review of Purple Mattress

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In general, when you’re doing your research for a new mattress, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Things like Purple bed reviews, the level of firmness or back support are very important, but so are temperature control, and motion transfer.

Now, given that the company only sells one type of mattress, when you read a review of Purple mattress follow the features mentioned below to make sure it is a perfect fit for you.

What Kind of Mattress is Perfect for your Body

If you are familiar with the Purple marketing campaign, you know this mattress is designed to be just right. But what does it mean, exactly? Well, the surface of the mattress is designed with a special proprietary material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This is a non-toxic, food grade material that doesn’t develop a body indent in time and regulates heat naturally.

Even more, it manages to deliver exactly what it promises: the best of both worlds (soft and firm). So, Purple will cradle your hips and shoulders just like a soft mattress does but without becoming saggy over time. It will also support your spine, like a firm mattress does, but without giving you pain and stiffness in the morning.

Overall, Purple is perfect for side sleepers but it works just as well for other sleeping positions. The level of firmness is just right and, because the surface has a foam-like structure, the motion won’t be transferred across the surface.

If you make a quick comparison with a memory foam mattress, you’ll notice that they are much alike except for the problems brought by the foam such as sleeping hot, gathering allergens, and reduce efficiency in time. After doing a review of Purple mattress left by customers. The conclusion is that the Purple mattress is durable and will stick with you for years to come.

This post will be updated again in the near future as soon as I’ll get the Purple mattress coupon.

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